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Aversio Humanitatis – Silent Dwellers – Live MMXX

aversio humanitatis – silent dwellers – live mmxx


“Silent Dwellers (Live Mmxx)” is the first live album by Spanish Extreme Metal band Aversio Humanitatis, taking songs from past efforts, EP “Longing for the Untold” and full length “Behold the Silent Dwellers”. Since covid 19 has stopped us seeing shows, Adversio Humanitatis have decided to take the show to you. As well as an audio release, you can also check out the show via the bands Youtube page.

This band crates a wall of sound that has you transfixed from the get go. Discordant tremolo riffs against a back drop frantic drum work. Although they’re a lot of fast parts to lean into, the band runs into realms where you can head bang too. Sections that take you by surprise and make it less run of the mill. Adversio Humanitatis have been compared a lot to bands such as Mgla and Deathspell Omega but I tend to relate them more to contemporaries like Lantern and Bölzer. “Prison of shattered glass” has some of the best discordant riffs going, the vocals/lyrics take you into a twisted realisation that existence will defeat you. Brilliant drum work and seamless transitions make this song a highlight. Thoughtful and incessant. “The Presence in the mist” and last track “The wanderer of abstract paths” really tap into throwing”Prog” into Extreme Metal. The drum flurries take good riffs and vocal phrasing to a dark almost tribal level and make them conquer your soul. And done seemingly with ease. Pure class.

Sound scapes that drive home the coming disintegration of reality which nothing can stop, is the bread and butter of Aversio Humaitatis. Each song does what it sets out to do. Kirk Windstein said, Existence is punishment. Adversio Humanitatis seems to agree. These guys seem to riding some great momentum, pure darkness in this music. Hopefully that wont stop them! (Skye_Dogg)

Aversio Humanitatis

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