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Unurnment – Spiritual Penury [EP]

unurnment – spiritual penury [ep]

Usually genre definitions make me roll my eyes back into my head so far I can see my brain so what I’m about to say is a bit hypocritical. However it is necessary to define certain bands as far as sound. Brutal/ filthy/technical/Death Metal would be the best way to describe, “Spiritual Penury” by Unurnment.

With the first song starts the all out caveman savagery that we all know and love from the Maggot Stomp catalog is immediately present. Not the shreddy/tech/wank stuff either. Technicality in riffs like that of early Suffocation and if that doesn’t excite you then you can just see the fucking door. “Autogenous Punishment” is a great way to open this record.

“Inevitable Suffering” is what the sound clip at the start of the song sounds like. Giving us a slow down beat meat chopping riff afterwards this song is an all out groove assault on the brain as you’re headbanging while driving. Also some great vocal work especially around the 2:07 mark that would make any Undergang fan happy. Putrid.

The album closer, “An Eternity of Regrets Deified” really leaves you wanting more savagery although this song gives a nice groove twist a couple of minutes. Pulverizing riffs, great production, great label, and a great release. Would highly recommend. (ThatAustronautGuy)