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Dying Remains – Entombed In Putrefaction [EP]

dying remains – entombed in putrefaction [ep]


Although I couldn’t relate much to the positive vibe that was created around Detherous, the Canadian Death/Thrash Metal band, and found their album quite a bit of an underwhelming affair, everything seems different with Dying Remains. The three musicians currently in Detherous’ line-up teamed up with their current live guitarist to form a new old school styled Death Metal band. That band became Dying Remains and now delivers their first offering, a cassette tape released EP through Maggot Stomp.

Just as Detherous borrows from Demolition Hammer but comes up very thinly with it, it won’t surprise you that Dying Remains commits the same act of thieving to Morta Skuld. After all, it seems no coincidence that the music is very similar to that and that the band chooses a name that previously functioned as a song title by Morta Skuld. But well, sure thing is that the music of Dying Remains sounds much more convincing than Detherous, on all possible dimensions. Not only is the sound much crisper and at the very same time heavy as fck, but it most of all it is the far superior song writing that is the most convincing. The riffs are both heavy and crunchy without sounding all too jadedly old school and the dynamics in the music prevents it from getting all too much of a snoozefest. There’s also a special mention for the vocals that are fiercely aggressive and is used as an integral and well-used extension of the instrumentation. Although the EP is rather short, it is clear that the slow and mid-paced riffs and rhythms are the very core of Dying Remains, something that evidenced by the band’s choice to cover Jungle Rot and make that a suitable closer for this debut EP.

Although this is not at all very original and the music is found quite close to that of Morta Skuld, it is very much enjoyable. You just have to love the power of the riff, those slow to mid-paced rhythms are like an earworm that makes you push the play button again. Which is not a bad idea, since it is an EP with a playing time well under 15 minutes – a perfect length, I would say. (FelixS)

— — —

In the interview we did with Damon of Detherous he already mentioned they had formed a death metal band as well. Now we got to learn this band is called Dying Remains and their first release is entitled ‘Entombed in Putrefaction’.

With just over 13 minutes it’s a rather short release, but it gives a great idea what Dying Remains is all about. It’s definitely not in the same vein as their other bad Detherous, which is vicious death/thrash. With Dying Remains they clearly decided to move into an opposite direction steering away from copying what they already established with their other band. This is mid-paced death metal that has that sense of groove preventing you from sitting still.

While these Canadians aren’t exactly copycats one could put them in the same branch as bands such as Obituary or Morta Skuld. Hence old-school death metal. I deliberately mention Morta Skuld as I suspect their 1993 debut full-length was the inspiration for the band’s name. Besides 4 original tracks, Dying Remains has also recorded a cover of Jungle Rot’s ‘Psychotic Cremation’, A song that dates back to the 1995 demo ‘Rip Off Your Face’. On this cover song we find a guest performance by Hayden Johnson of Coffin Rot.

For a first recording and by way of introducing yourself to the scene I think Dying Remains have succeeded. In this genre that is slightly overcrowded it is tough to get recognized but I’m sure these guys will get noticed. Especially when they carry on and deliver a longer recording next time. (Pim Blankenstein)

Dying Remains

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