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Suppression – Repugnant Remains [EP]

suppression – repugnant remains [ep]

A smashing instrumental intro with the EP name ”Repugnant Remains” starts this piece of new school of classic Death Metal sound… The first time I came across with the band I thought it was some new Thrash band so I didn’t give immediate attention, then, a friend of mine recommend it and mentioned it as Death Metal…so I checked the Bandcamp page and during the second track I was already writing a seller to buy it.

The bass guitar-sound draws attention because it is very clear and you can easily hear it over the guitars. The excellent riffs, the Pestilence and Atheist influence are notorious, can also be compared with Skeletal Remains because of the style and the vocals can be included in that comparison as well.

Each track has his own way to be different of the other while the closing track ”Fruit of Sickness” is for sure the most aggressive and best one on his EP in my humble opinion. It has all elements; fast drumming, great solos and of course, the aforementioned incredible bass guitar-sound you can hear during this release.

Suppression has members of Ancient Crypts, Insight, Putrid Yell and Totten Korps (all Chilean bands) in the ranks, so if you know what quality means I’m pretty sure you will check their Bandcamp and try get this one as well. These labels are always able to give good surprises and I’m sure this will be a modern classic soon…or maybe it already is. 100% recommended! (Gangrene Pus)