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Thermonuclear Devastation – Worshipper of Darkness [EP]

thermonuclear devastation – worshipper of darkness [ep]

What in fuck sake is going on in Chile? The Extreme Metal releases are spreading like the plague the last decade. This time it is Thermonuclear Devastation and their skull crushing Black//Thrash on this “Worshipper of Darkness” 6 track EP.

The attitude is 80s all over, as 80s as screaming “Cooooobraaaaa!” when you attack an army. I don’t think we have to talk about originality here, cause that was never the purpose of the Chilean maniacs as they sound like a good mixture of the Teuntonic Thrash as well as the South American scene on the aforementioned period of time. And they gave it a twirl of Australian savageness as well. Sodom, Kreator, Sarcófago, Deströyer 666, Vulcano, I think it will paint the picture itself, doesn’t it…

As said, this will never get the first spot at any originality contest, but it is certainly a pleasant listen, don’t you even try to deny that! (Ricardo)