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Sulphuric Death – Beyond the Void of Doom [EP]

sulphuric death – beyond the void of doom [ep]


When the old school Death Metal corpse started crawling back from the underground grave in the late 2000’s, bands like Dead Congregation and Grave Miasma to me stood at the very top of the movement. Some 15 years later the genre is still very much alive, and both bands still release high quality releases whenever they are ready for it. At the same time, it has spawned some bands that clearly look to them and genre godfathers Incantation for inspiration, and Chile’s Sulphuric Death certainly sound as if they have had more than a listen or two to the likes of ‘Onwards to Golgotha’, ‘Graves of the Archangels’, ‘Exalted Emanation’ and Necrovation’s ‘Breed Deadness Blood’.

On ‘Beyond the Void of Doom’ we find this dark and brooding atmosphere, flying whammy solos, old school drum rhythms and reverb-drenched growls in a somewhat more primitive and less sophisticated form. I personally prefer the uptempo approach that the aforementioned bands have always taken, while many bands have taken the sound that Incantation pioneered (and continue to uphold with pride) into murkier, slower and more cavernous depths. While over time I have found find myself listening less and less to old school Death Metal, it’s a release like ‘Beyond the Void of Doom’ that makes me think I’m missing out. Outside the aforementioned bands, I’m reminded more than once of Necroblood’s excellent ‘Collapse of the Human Race’, and Sulphuric Death does well to combine that straightforward heaviness with the chaos of Necrovation, the darkness of Grave Miasma/Goat Molestör and the masterful riffing of Incantation and Dead Congregation. While mostly moving in a direction of menacing tempo, the variation in pace in for instance opener ‘Beyond the Void of Doom’ keeps it from becoming too predictable. Even the more threatening slower pace of the nearly 10 minute long ‘Glorious Abomination’ still comes across as lethal throughout, and the extended solo with whispers, midpaced drums and blackened riffs towards the end is just one of the highlights of the EP.

Released on CD and Cassette through Apocalyptic Productions and Burning Coffin Records respectively, ‘Beyond the Void of Doom’ is one of those old school Death Metal records that I personally would recommend getting. A shame there is no vinyl edition (yet). The music EP may not be very original, but it’s sure as hell is very well-executed and at 20 minutes it’s just the perfect length for these kind of releases.

Sulphuric Death

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