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Silvanthrone – Forbidden Pathways To Ancient Wisdom

silvanthrone – forbidden pathways to ancient wisdom

Silvanthrone hail from the USA; I already heard the previous release and was looking forward to this new material.

The style in short is Black Metal, mostly fast, in the Scandinavian style. I can hear influences from multiple bands, be it European and American, namely Darkthrone, Satyricon, Tsjuder, Wolves in the Throne Room or even the mighty Weakling.

The themes are interesting, not boring at all and even though they are similar to stuff I have heard before, still, I can`t name any particular song or idea that is borrowed, more like they are just similar.

There are 5 songs on the release and playing time is around 27 minutes so it`s not a long album but the songs are strong and the whole thing is just enough as the guys play very good and the sound is impeccable.

These guys invent nothing new here, still, the music sounds fresh, very dynamic and a good reminder of what Black Metal was meant to be, fast, cold, uncompromising and of course, BLACK!

I highly recommend this album to any Black Metal fan, you will not waste your time with it. (Woodlum 666)