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Rovagug – Rovagug [EP]

rovagug – rovagug [ep]


Another late night wasting my time away online instead of sleeping like I should be. Another late night perusing Bandcamp instead of doing anything remotely productive or constructive with this time. And wouldn’t you know it, low and behold, another disgustingly phenomenal EP comes through my insomniatic Doom scroll and blows me rightly away. So I did the only thing I know how to at this point, I wrote about it. Here we go.

People of all ages, gather around and witness the disturbingly delightful Death/Doom Metal of the one and the only Rovagug. Rovagug are a five piece Death/Doom Metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States. And that is really all I know and have for you about this band. There is really nothing else out there I can find on them, so, that’s the bio, let’s move on.

This self-titled, most likely debut, EP ‘Rovagug’ is filled to the brim with some crypt dwelling Old School Death/Doom Metal that touches on classic and timeless inspirations from Death, Doom and overall Metal in general. But for ease sake here I would have to say this thing sounds like Immolation mixed with all eras of Black Sabbath but just know that there is more to it than that. But you are just gonna have to either trust me on that or go listen to this EP yourself and find out.

Production and feel wise there is a dirty, gritty and delicious sound to this EP. The whole affair is battered in a thick, oozing atmosphere that does not inhibit a single note from being heard or felt. But it does set a sense of tone and a setting that places Rovagug right in that deep, damp, cavernous void where they dwell and prosper.

As always with these late night Bandcamp mindfucks, the artwork is what grabbed me instantly. And this cover here just so happens to be by the always insanely good and otherworldly talented Jota Cravo and it is fucking soul grabbingly amazing. (Think I might just have to buy a shirt when I can).

So all in all the entire package from Rovagug here is outstanding. From their logo, the Jota Craco artwork adorning the cover on to the Death/Doom Metal contained within, it is all disgustingly phenomenal as I have said before, above. So do yourself and Rovagug a favor; hit up Rovagug’s Bandcamp and check this one out. You will not be disappointed, guaranteed.


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