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Nostos – Misfortune [EP]

nostos – misfortune [ep]


Known for being a country, likes many others from the same continent, more into the extreme fringe of Heavy Metal, Brazil has given us Sepultura, Sarcofago, Mystifier and many many others. Their extreme sound has always had that Brazilian something, well depicted in Sepultura’s “Roots”, that immediately identifies its origins.

Nostos’s sound is nowhere near Sepultura’s, Sarcofago’s or Mystifier’s. Nostos, a three men ensemble, has crafted a Black Metal sound that goes beyond plain Black Metal with hints of Depressive – I consider it to be Melancholic, more than Depressive, but the Labels Masters have spoken – adding a groove that fits the music so well…

The amount of emotions that flow, from song to song, really surprised me. I was told that Nostos was a different sort of sound, a beast of its own – beast, not of weight, but atmosphere. I jumped on it with no expectations whatsoever, given that it was a totally unknown name, to me. As aforementioned, Nostos has its roots in Black Metal – that is crystal clear – with a Melancholic groove to it, Atmospheric moments that, when fused with those amazing vocals, create a very powerful ambiance. The vocals, ladies and gentlemen, the vocals… what a range!

The production. I am not a big fan with clean production. Maybe my ears are, by now, used to the potato chip sounding Black Metal ahahah but hey, it is clean enough that you can understand every single bit of it, never falling into the cheesy way over the top massive sounding production. The music itself took care of that part. Every bit of the song is filled with somethingm argh… you know when you feel that there is a space in the music that it seems like “something is missing”? you will not feel that with “Misfortune”. That is something that, for me, matters.

As stated before – and please, let us not get into a fight about the genre or whatever, please – the band has been labeled as Depressive Black Metal… I do prefer to call it Melancholic Atmospheric Black Metal – cringe internet, criiinge. The point is: I do not care what genre the band plays, for their music is so overwhelming, so soothing, so heavy, so dark. It puts you down to, in the next minute, bring you up with this enormous guitar riff. The drums, the guitar, the vocals… this EP has spun so many times! Ufff… Open minded extreme metal fans should give this a go, please! I assure you that you will not feel cheated!

“Dusk Comes at Dawn” is, in my opinion, the perfect description of what Nostos is, as a band, in terms of their sound. Melodic, Heavy, Melancholic… the vocals, again the vocals! Enjoy, for it was an enormous surprise… (DanielP)


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