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Levendleed – Demo [Demo]

levendleed – demo [demo]

Levendleed is a new one-man Depressive Black Metal project from The Netherlands and Back From The Grave Tapes is a new tape label from the same country. Reasons enough to work together for a tape release! There isn’t a lot of information available about Levendleed and the man or woman behind the project, yet it is clear we are dealing with a musical expression of sorrow and sadness.

While total abandonment and the emptiness of life will reach to you in lyrical themes, the influence of acts like Burzum (especially “Dunkelheit”) and Coldworld concerning atmosphere and the use of sytnhs as well as hints of and I Shalt Become because of the repeating mid-tempo riffs. And if you add Midnight Odyssey’s “Funerals from the Astral Sphere” for both atmosphere and riffs, you will get a fitting direction of this demo, while the sound is more hazy and “foggy” than the combination icy and bleak. Although it is done by the book, it doesn’t mean this is mediocre just as it is executed well with “De leegte overschaduwt elke stap” as a good example to back that up. A nice start for sure. (Ricardo)