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Moontower – Black Metal Terror

moontower – black metal terror


Funeral Moon was brought to this earth in ’95. A year later the first rehearsal tape already emerged and the bandname was altered to Moontower. It wasn’t until ’99 when fresh blood ran the Polish highlands to complete itself. This led to an official demo (“Aryan Metal Terror”), which was released in the middle of the new millennium. After that, two MCD’s were unleashed and one of these was reviewed by Vampire Magazine before months ago. Moontower have just released their first full-length entitled “Praise The Apocalypse”, which is available in both CD and LP format. “Black Metal Terror” is set free as a re-release on the band’ first demo and sounds way different in style than we heard before…

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of the women. A nice phrase said by the momentarily governor of California in his “Conan, The Barbarian” period. This quote introduces the chaos about to be released by some aggressive musicians. ‘Lost In Awakening’ unveils the monstrous spirit in fierce noise and vile compositions, assuming this track is not similar to the viewable track-number from the CD-player. The reason for this slight mix-up is that the two last tracks are completely missing (including Bathory’ ‘Armageddon’), which were somewhat the main reason to re-release this demo. Some titles could be misplaced. Nevertheless, Moontower bashes on through the entire “Black Metal Terror”. Most impressive about this demo CD is the underground sound captured; raw and blunt. Thanks to this environment songs like ‘Savage Wind’ and ‘Ancient Pride’ are recorded with an underground old school death metal kind of sound. Overall, the musical aspects lie more within the chaotic and hectic kind of black metal acts in the likes of Bestial Mockery’ latest blended with some Graveland. Variety is however relevant.

Moontower produced raw war black metal in their early years. Nice passages towards the metal of death are evident, but nowadays style changed from their beginning material big time. This “Black Metal Terror” is only for the most aggressive and probably won’t appeal that much to ones who like Moontower’ latest two releases. (ManuelB)


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