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Lörd Matzigkeitus – From many Splintered Minds

lörd matzigkeitus – from many splintered minds


There is Depressive Black Metal and there is Black Metal discussing depression. The two are not necessarily the same, since different people struggle with their different forms of depression in very different ways. In general, the album I’m reviewing today, has been thrown into the ‘depressive black metal’ cauldron, and me, being my usual self, have to disagree with that. Let me explain why, but I’ll start with the basics first.

This is the third album done by Lörd Matzigkeitus, Canadian vocalist (for The Black Sorcery, Diabolus Amator and The Projectionist amongst others), who has been joined by American musician Orpheus (from Sartoraaus) for this release. Since there is very little known about this project, one thing is definitely certain. This is some fucked up stuff, obviously not meant for every metal fan out there, mostly unsuitable for fans of the usual depressive Black <etal bands, even though this album had been added to that scene. This is an extreme combination of harsh Black and Death metal that vary from traditional brutality to avantgarde moments, with occassional spices from Thrash, Doom, Grind and almost every other imaginable style.

The most recognizable thing on the record are the vocals, which cover almost every sound a human vocal chords can make, except for singing. This is how thoughts of a person with severe schizophrenia sounds. The whole combination is deeply uncomfortable, dark, bizarre and nasty.

Depression is just one of the symptoms for schizophrenia, so obviously this can’t be a depressive black metal record, but it could be something reaching much further, into territory very few can actually imagine. This thing will drill a hole in your mind and make you question your own existence. While it’s too ‘weird’ for most average listeners, the ones who will collect their courage and keep an open mind, will hear the amazing beauty of it. (Black Mary)

Lörd Matzigkeitus

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