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Flesh Crusher – Bastardized [Demo]

flesh crusher – bastardized [demo]

Everything about this demo looks like it should be, a Swedish band, a granite HM2 sound, a burly d-beat tempo and a wet sewer grunt.

Flesh Crusher initially sounds as a death metal version of Mieszko Talarczyk’s side project, Genocide Superstars. Where Genocide Superstars blew off your pubic hair due to their venomous songwriting and unbridled aggression. Flesh Crusher unfortunately remains in the middle bracket. There are too few vicious meat hooks woven into their tracks, causing the demo to rush by at an insane pace yet leaving only air behind.

Flesh Crusher’s potent Death Metal sounds anything but bad, but it doesn’t kindle fire in my brainstem, which must be the intention after all. To sharpen your pituitary gland and create a slight tingling sensation at the bottom of your scrotum. Too bad, because slightly stronger compositions with more variety, coupled with their massive sound could be the spark that opens the doors to hell. (Franki_boj)