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Evil Priest – Black Seeds​.​.​.​of Creation [EP]

evil priest – black seeds​.​.​.​of creation [ep]


The essence of the old Death Metal spread again its plague on the world a few years ago. This glorious return brought perhaps two currents: one very attached to the forms of the old style and another that influenced more in the dark, both in sound and aesthetics. Evil Priest walks precisely at the center of these two currents, handling his style intelligently and naturally.

To explain a little better what Evil Priest presents in this 7 “, we could take the “Scream Bloody Gore” as a starting point, and the final point being “The Rack” of Asphyx. Maybe some of these albums have been direct influence for the band, maybe not, but citing both albums can bring us a little closer to what the band has done. We have the purity of the primal Death Metal with the heaviness and darkness that the old Dutch gods proposed, and that now has taken to very interesting extremes.

Side A contains the track that names the EP, “Black Seeds … of Creation”. An overwhelming introduction with an ingenious set of riffs welcomes and prepares the way for the first sample of darkness: a guitar sequence that is repeated over and over again, going from being alone to being accompanied by the drums and, later, with double kick to full. It is a simple game of notes, but precisely in that simplicity is the charm and all the funereal feeling.

Something to emphasize in this production is the mix and sound of the bass. Its presence is felt at the right moments, bringing to mind the work done in the “Diabolical Summoning” of Sinister. Precisely in this first track the bass appears alone, creating a prologue for the slaughter that, at the same time, arrives with some good war shouts. This is another point in favor: the aggressiveness put into the voice, with exalted cries when it corresponds to make them.

Side B contains “Hallucinations”, a heavier and gloomy piece, even in the voice. It is not that they have lost in this subject the fast parts, on the contrary, we are even with furious blast beats, but that the whole song falls solid to you like an anvil. It is interesting to note the lowering of the speed of rhythm that they present in a sequence. They slow down the pace precisely within the context of a blast beat and it is a great detail. These quotas are what give value to a track, when the bands raise unusual details that enrich your songs. And Evil Priest uses this same argument at the end of the song, turning a dense part by itself into a very heavy calvary that drags agonizing. A perfect end for a material of this style. (MarioR)

Caligari Records

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