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Eggs Of Gomorrh – Outpregnate [EP]

eggs of gomorrh – outpregnate [ep]

THE Swiss chaotic horde is back to desecrate. 3 years after the debut “Rot Prophet” which is a prime example of PURE chaos and destruction and to me one of the best extreme records ever, the guys are back with another slab of furious pounding all destroying Black/Death atomic bomb. The style is still chaotic as fuck, the production still raw, this time with less reverb, more balanced, maybe because of it also more “polished“ after the first listen. The guys incorporated more variation in the riff department, having some killer Antaeus or Arkhon Infaustus like moments besides the all crushing Bestial Warlust/Diocletian influenced grinding passages.

Vocal wise, there are some slight changes too. The deeper vocals are more similar to Archgoat this time and the main shrieking vocals remind me strong of old Shub Niggurath. Drum and Bass just did an excellent job again, proofing to be a real warmachine with all the beat variations, fill ins, bottom lines of fast frenzy fingering. Nekronikon rounded all the release up with a disgusting artwork…hell yeah. Killer successor to “Rot Prophet”, which sets the standard high once again and wants me to catch them live very soon to witness this new fury unleashed. (DPF)