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Mitochondrion – Antinumerology [EP / Re-Release]

mitochondrion – antinumerology [ep / re-release]


To start with here we might as well get this right out of the way. “Antinumerology” is not new, it is in fact a re-release of what was a vinyl only 7″ EP that had a pretty limited run of only 1000 pressings back in 2013. So if you, much like myself, had never heard this or heard of this EP do not be surprised but now we all have a chance. Now we all can get our hands on “Antinumerology,” on CD or digital, and bask in the outstanding murk and mire that is this three track EP of just over twelve minutes of sinister deathly deliciousness.

For those of you who may have not heard of or taken the time to hear Mitochondrion before, they are a Canadian Death/Black Metal band. A down and dirty, atmospheric, almost tribal, technical, spiritual, evil feeling, Death/Black Metal band. If that is a little confusing, they are also largely grouped together with other acts that fit into a catagory once described as Dissodeath or Dissonant Death, such as acts like Portal, Ulcerate and even Immolation. So, basically everything I listed above fits every band mentioned in this review, so that’s about what Mitochondrion sounds like.

What would be side A of “Antinumerology” starts off with a two second build-up of strings and straight into a abrupt, almost jarring, bang on the track “Insummation”. And it just continues to pummel you for it’s full length of twist, turns, abrupt alterations and flips, all that are very much what typical, yet always fresh, Mitochondrion sounds like. It fierce, sinister, hypnotic and feisty.

Side B comes next with the track “137 (Mors Formulae)” and offers up a short, slightly more groove oriented approach to what this band normally does. It’s still very much them but just with a little more groove added to the mix. Plus it is just a good mix of straight evil Death Metal and dungeonous Black Metal. Pure, again, deliciousness.

While the title track, “Antinumerology”, closes things out. Slowing things down even more with more hypnotics in a doomy, building drone that expands slowly and eloquently to an end. It’s mesmerizing, beautiful and thoughtful.

In the end, Mitochondrion’s “Antinumerology” is an outstanding piece of art that comes and goes very quickly, it leaves you you satisfied, yet craving much, much more. In my definition, that is the perfect execution of the EP format. I’ve run out of adjectives to explain this band. They are just fucking amazing and this EP proves it. Find it, experience it, love it.  (Ben Schultz)


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