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Shezmu – À travers les lambeaux

shezmu – À travers les lambeaux

When a band is capable to show their influences but mixing them to an own mix then they are probably on the right way.

Shezmu from Canada are smashing around Death Metal since 2016 and released 1 demo, 1 compilation and 2 EPs prior to the now discussed album “À travers les lambeaux”. “Breaching the Tomb”  was an awesome EP and caught my attention, so I was looking forward to their debut full length and they didn’t disappoint.

Imaging evil gods coming back to earth to spread their dogmas and plagues upon the earth with no mercy…or in their case Egyptian ones. The tracks vary in speeds and got a dark oppressive and all destroying atmosphere. The title track for example starts with an almost Malthusian riff, dissonant, disturbing, led by really dark low vocals (the gods I mentioned) alternated or doubled with some Bölzerish howls here and there and really EVIL pitched screams before War Metal like gunfire stars to rip bodies apart.

Shezmu are able to combine elements from Black and Death Metal to a very monstrous, heavy brutal combo that often reminds me of bands like Pseudogod, Infester, Incantation or Grave Miasma and Lantern. The ambient/tribal parts are excellent and very well composed (Karl Sanders feeling).

So there is violence, there is heavyweight atmosphere and variation. There are labirynthian forms of structures and just straight riffs that stimulate headbanging with ease. The production is raw, bassy and natural, drenched in some reverb here and there (vocals) to enhance the experience.

Good debut album and a band I will keep following, I think there are even greater things to come from Shezmu. Meanwhile check their debut and their other releases as well. (DPF)