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Ctenizidae – Endless Decay in Putrescent Void [Demo]

ctenizidae – endless decay in putrescent void [demo]

Ctenizidae is not here to make friends. Ctenizidae is not here to like your shitty Instagram. Ctenizidae is here to make you feel uneasy. Ctenizidae is here to challenge you.

Look no further than the 2019 demo, “Endless Decay in Putrescent Void” and the demo cover artwork, featuring dead people. If you’re still on board and nightmare-ish, blackened (white) noise blows your skirt up, lucky you.

The nameless entity behind Ctenizidae was spat from Hell in 2018 with the release of the “Xulgrem” cassette and the ‘creaking door from a horror movie’ vocals remain present on this release. There are (not surprisingly) several WTF moments; the blasting last 35 seconds of “Endless Decay in Putrescent Void (part II)”, the punishing percussion and rhythm-less vocals of “Unknown Reaches of Hell Too Vast for the Perdition of Man“ and the entirety of demo closer, “In Death”.

Side note: I love words, and I pulled up the dictionary for perdition, moribund and putrescent, which is something I love about what we collectively love. As Sir Ralph Wiggum once said, “I’m learnding”. Melody is fine, and there’s a time and place for everything, but Ctenizidae challenges you to find that time and that place. This reviewer is fully fucking on board.

Beverage enjoyed while listening: Vodkas and tonics (TorBor)