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Yoth Iria – Under His Sway [EP]

yoth iria – under his sway [ep]

Do you like epic melodic Black Metal? Do you like stories of landscapes from far away, ancient battles, from times past, from glorious victories? Well…be well prepared, the signs are given..

Yoth Iria is a new project, all-star from Hellas If you want, with (ex)-members of Rotting Christ, Varathron, Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, Caedes Cruenta, Embrace of Thorns, well you got it. 3 tracks, 2 originals and 1 Rotting Christ cover (Visions of the Dead Lovers) is just the first sign of something that could become big.

“Under His Sway” already shows a huge epic flavour with fantastic melodies, beautiful leads and an overall Bathory meets Rotting Christ meets Abbath kind of feeling, sounding totally on his own. The piano at the beginning is just fantastic and gives a good carpet before the leadguitar kicks in and the rhythm guitar takes its place and all of a sudden the entire band crashes in with double bass thunder a highly melodic lead. The galloping drums, bass and rhythm guitars are pure Heavy Metal (fantastic). The keys help to increase the epic atmosphere. The chants are placed at the right spots and shows a wider spectrum in the vocal department. The last part of the songs takes again a piano reprisal with fantastic dynamics on the guitars before a guitar solo kicks in and the verse starts again. Killer start.

“Sid-Ed Djinn” is the second track, more ancient eastern touched, with some kind of doomy feeling (Nile had some similar parts) but no less impressive or epic. Right after a guitar feedback the main riff crashes in and the powerful rhythm section shows all its weight and heaviness…heavy I tell you, real headbanger here. Some chants just evoke the dead to rise up! A clean guitar makes the transition perfectly before fast back beats grab the listener by storm just to change into a mid-tempo banger (hard rock anyone? Quorthon would have liked it I guess). Some percussive tom filled section with a female eastern chanting is a nice change and gives the song even more a eastern approach. The final part is again, just like the beginning, the doomy main riff, heavy as giants. Guitar feedbacks, key and the female voice end this epic track.

“Visions of the Dead Lovers”, If you like Rotting Christ, is a killer track and as expected is well executed, but to my taste I would have preferred another original track though still killer. Highly recommended! (DPF)