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Create a Kill – Summoned to Rise

create a kill – summoned to rise


So what do you get when a bunch of serious dudes from some serious fucking bands decide to get together and take a trip down memory lane and pay homage to the music of their youth I ask you? The answer is right here people, and what a damn fine answer it is! Create a Kill contains two former members of Malevolent Creation, both drummers actually, being Gus Rios who takes on the guitar and drums for this one, and Alex Marquez who has chosen to lay down the sticks and yell at us like a man possessed because, well because he fucking can! Did I also use the word possessed before? Yes indeed I did and how clever of you to pick it up, for the very reason that the other nutter on guitar is none other than Daniel Gonzalez of Possessed! Holy shit man, you already have the nucleus of a fairly good arse kicking right there, but then add to it guest drumming appearances by Dirk Verbueren of Soilwork and Tobias Gustafsson from Vomitory and you know you are in for a damn good ride through Thrashville! Four drummers on one album to be precise and one would think it would be an exercise in percussion, but instead, it’s a fucking great example of how to gain concussion!

I found my feet in this genre, loved Maiden, Priest, Sabbath and Dio etc, but the whole Thrash movement really ingrained Metal into my heart and soul, and although I may be into a lot of different shite these days it has always stuck with me. This album takes me back in the coolest way possible, but having said that it also has an edge to it that shows the relevant backgrounds of our stated protagonists, they all crush what they set their minds to. Thrash at it’s finest, all you old skool fuckers out there are gonna love this and probably bang your heads till you have a brain injury or at least end up slightly concussed to say the least. Yes, name a Thrash band that you thought was cool back in the day, and these guys are showing their love. If you read my reviews you will also know that I will leave that up to you to discover, because without sounding like a douchebag of the highest order, I think the least you can do is have a listen and decide for yourself. Personally I think this is the perfect antidote to thinking about shit too seriously and just remembering what damn fine Thrash Metal is all about. Fark yes! (Andrew)

Create a Kill

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