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Wampirvs Sinistrvs – Blood of the Vampyre [EP]

wampirvs sinistrvs – blood of the vampyre [ep]

It is with pleasure that, once again, I see that my countrymen are doing an exquisite work when it comes to the rawest and purest form of Black Metal. I did hear a sample, months ago, showcasing an entity, unknown to most, with a quite close connection to that of the vampyric world. That entity was Wampirvs Sinistrvs and their Coven is Portugal.

The Melody, oh the Melody. Dark and evocative, ever present. It has this almost romantic imagery to it, dragging us into a deep and moist crypt, awaiting the return of Nosferatu. Slow paced, dense and almost symphonic in a terrifying way, that is how I picture Wampirvs Sinistrvs’ music. Let us return to the 90s, France, to a group of musicians that decided to change the way Black Metal was being depicted and created; let us return to a time when Black Metal had a meaning and its message was one of Misery and Degradation, Human Deprivation and Death. 4 tracks, 4 anthems of Nightly Visions and Lingering Spectres. Each one of these tracks is destined to tease one’s mind into Anguish and Madness.

The French vision of Black Metal is present in these lines, in these notes. Vlad Tepes, the spirit of Mutiilation, Belketre, the ancient and dusty creators have returned. (DanielP)