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Krigsgrav – The Sundering

krigsgrav – the sundering

“The Sundering”, marks sixth LP by Texas based Krigsgrav, outdo themselves on the quality of attributes arranged in their compositions, honing rhythmic portions as focal points with vocals as the vital force. What’s admirable is transition itself to ditch crude primal Black Metal route, notable on “The Leviathan Crown”, & evolve into resonating trite yet pastoral temperament, conscientious of bringing contrast of feelings into fruition, turnaround being “The Carrion Fields”.

Artwork by Eric Bredthauer, a cityscape smothered by smoke & reddish fiery hues, bleak outlook & left to wonder if those buildings will be consumed by the inferno. Contains nine tracks, gives the listener close to fifty minutes of aerial seclusion.

Opener “Aeolus Speaks”, Aeolus is god of the winds, establishes the strain of desolate capitulation. Followed with “The Sun No Longer Reaches Here”, retracts before mentioned POV by invigorating sense of fortitude & tenacity to advance on. Revitalizing textured solos from Cody Daniels harmonizing with David Sikora’s bass work & multifarious execution on drums & compelling, frenzied shrieks pitched by Justin Coleman complete this dexterous triad. “Dread The Night” carries a combative tendency with deviation of tempos that hastens then gradually descends. “Absence” you recognize the portions of bucolic acoustics written, leaving a despondent impression.

Personal favorite is “Spirit Walker”, prominent bass work that shines throughout, vocal cadence taken down a couple notches then sustains a sinister pitch towards midway point, & has a sweet nostalgic riff, reminiscent to Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear The Reaper” (2:30), a particular track that’s near and dear to me. Overall, “The Sundering”, is eerily beautiful with pensive, austere, ethereal soundscape derived from elements of Melodeath, Folk, Doom, Heavy and Black Metal & has a sentiment of melancholy accompanied with celestial inflections, making this LP one of the more intriguing 2021 releases to stand out. (Tori Belle)