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Fumigation – Structural Extermination

fumigation – structural extermination


Depurating listener’s encephalons since 2008, Ottawa based quintet Fumigation are FINALLY releasing second full length “Structural Extermination”, almost nine years since previous “Integrated Pest Management”. Consistent thematic vermin lyrics & song titles, another ten tracks to offer as well as another handful of guest vocalists such as Lyndon Quadros, Dominic Vorster, & Jason Kurz.

Skipping samples with exception of a two second audio on swift intro “Vanier Shack”, more pervasive tunes including “Botfly Incision” & “Mosquitos In My Taquitos”. This album resonates a ripened tonality all around; progression of balance among all roles in production, abundance of charismatic riffs, no overplay on drums, more clarity from the bass, notably on melancholic “The Barren Hive”, & those trouncing diabolical vocals tie this together.

A satisfying mesh of styles, protruding from the norm of Brutal Death Metal/generic Death Metal caliber & injecting plenty of groove & conciliating melodies, like on “Like Moths To A Flame” & elongated cessation “Servant of The Queen”.

Foreboding cover revealing creatures adjacent to “Tremors”(1990) by Indonesian based artist Eka Saputra.. Those with entomophobia will be apprehensive, but then again they probably don’t listen to good music anyways.

Few highlights off this album is catchy teaser “Centipede Stampede”, , features vocalist Ryan Michael, giving additional crushing dynamic to their infectious tone. Followed by “Close To a Burrow Below”, showcases more versatile writing incorporated in their works, encompassing attributes of upbeat tempos with room for breakdowns ⅓ way in & outro, along with corybantic solo to add necessary sweetness. And personal favorite not only for the music but title alone “Pinworms & Anal Burns” grabs my attention while making me squeamish & involuntarily clench my butthole. This peculiar tune features Jeff “Sludge” Udall (Dievertor), mid tempo, cringy lyrics, overall amusement to indulge in.

Steady growth in comparison from previous LP, and well worth the wait! (Tori Belle)


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