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Centenary – Death…the Final Frontier

centenary – death…the final frontier


So for those who want their metal that is mainly driven by the HM-2 sound and always crave a bit of Entombed and a dose of early Dismember, I ask you to take a look at Centenary.

Upon looking over the band’s information and listening to their music, I also looked at their Bandcamp page. Pure Detroit Chainsaw Metal is how it’s described and I have to say it is right on mark. Mainly because the guitar tone really comes across as such. Also just their overall sound in general.

I will say they do have a difference in sound/approach, almost punk-like at times, with a bit of grind and also a smattering of d-beat. It gives an interesting dynamic to the band. As mentioned they have that overall vibe of the aforementioned bands but also a bit of Autopsy and maybe Benighted as well. (I told you there was a bit of a grind element.) Production is bright and notable for its guitar sound. Vocals can be the Death Metal variety but with some Black Metal screams interspersed. It could be my headphones, but the vocals sometimes sound like they were recorded in a cavern.

Also, the drums are a tad small sounding. I do have to state a pet peeve. The excess of sound bites/samples is sorta annoying. It can be irritating at times to have the music blasting loud but then you get those samples of screams, murders, or other movie sound bites that are at top volume as well. But that is just a personal issue. Take it as you will.

Overall not too bad a release, props for the cover art too. It just screams what you are going to hear. So if you like that Swedeath sound but sprinkled with a bit of a different variety here and there, give them a listen.


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