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Vampyric Bvrial – Rites Ov Glorious Heretical Exhumation [Demo]

vampyric bvrial – rites ov glorious heretical exhumation [demo]


I have seen quite a few “trends” in the Black Metal scene, but I risk saying that the Raw Black Metal one is taking things extremely far in terms of adherence. First, the idea of a musician / a group of musicians adhering to a scene / a wave / a trend / a whatever, scares me; second, normally these waves, that come and go, bring forth the best, and the absolute worse, in terms of music. Ok, maybe not The Worse, but bad examples of the chosen genre (to copy / be influenced by). I still say that this Raw Black Metal phenomenon is The Trend, right now. Be it the “bad” production, be it the overall aesthetic, the Black Metal has jumped unto this train, and I see no end for its journey. But, at the same time, I am very glad to be consciously living this time and age, for I believe that I have never “fallen” into such an inspirational musical expression of Black Metal.

Vampyric Bvrial is a good example of (some of) the elements that characterise this Black Metal. The slow to mid paced rhythm, the ambience that serves as the background for the fierce Black Metal riffing, alongside the stomping drums. There is this concern for the Hidden Melody. I know I have said this more than once… to close friends, at least, that what grabs me the most, to these new approaches to the genre is what I call the Hidden Melody. Well hidden beneath walls of dissonant and terrifying sound, lays a melodic line that comforts you, rocking the listener through the listening session. The repetitive riffs, the desperate vocals, filled with pain and despair. I remember, at first, it was hard for me to find the aforementioned melody, and that kept me away from exploring the music. Oh, how wrong I was.

Vampyric Bvrial is crafted on a basis where Noise has relevance in the final product of its creation. A collage of Noise and Ambient moments, added to a basis of Raw Black Metal, that is how Vampyric Bvrial sounds… (DanielP)

Vampyric Bvrial

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