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Ceremonial Crypt Desecration – Lupine Sacrilege Adorned in Rotting Flesh

ceremonial crypt desecration – lupine sacrilege adorned in rotting flesh


Black Metal has always had that necrotic, rotten side to it. Not only in terms of aesthetic, but mostly in terms of atmosphere and overall feeling. For a few now – more and more as I also grow old – we have seen musicians return to the basic rules of Black Metal, the ones that Mayhem gave us with “Deathcrush” or Sarcofago with “INRI” and, why not, Beherit with “Dawn of Satan’s Millennium”. That raw, really raw boldness of the genre, that got cleaner and cleaner throughout the years, until someone one day decided that a stop was needed, and back we went, and musicians invested more in creating REAL atmosphere than just covering their inability to do so, with a crispy clean production. Fast forward to 2019, Australia, Krigsgaldr is the man behind CCD (and Black Imperial Blood, for that matter), and the one in charge of all the morbid noisy tunes.

“Lupine Sacrilage Adorned in Rotting Flesh” is the project’s first Full-length and it lives more on the Noise universe than the Black Metal one. Well… those guitars ARE Black Metal, but the general feeling I get from it, leaves me reasonably confused. Well, I was never an expert on Noise/Black Metal, to be honest, so I might be talking pure rubbish. Nonetheless, I can appreciate the buried guitar melodies that inquisitively put their demon heads out from the boiling pits of Hell, hoping to be found by us, mere mortals. And well, what can I say? I do find them, buried beneath that immense wall of distortion and vocal agony. It is not an easy listening, at least not one I am used to, but this is one of the most important things about this underground circle of Black Metal: the “poor” productions makes you appreciate the melody for what it really is. You end up being dragged down, into Hell, with these hypnotic “lullabies”.

If you are into Raw production and stripped down Black Metal, my friend, this is you. Really long tracks that cradle you into oblivion.