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Temple ov Perversion – Temple ov Perversion [EP]

temple ov perversion – temple ov perversion [ep]

BLACK METAL. It would be easy to describe Temple ov Perversion`s sound with just those 2 words. But there is more. The Swiss perverts released a demo in 2018 and now a self-titled EP through Clavis Secretorvm with 20 minutes of straight forward and Thrash induced Black Metal.

The EP starts with a killer instrumental track, very 80s style where riffs are compatible with headbanging and reign supreme. And then hell breaks loose. Backbeat infernalia, pounding satan`s fist into your stomach and vomiting sickness and death into your lungs. THIS IS BLACK METAL. Each song is a banger. Fucking raw production, fat bass which blows your ass up, killer versatile drumming with hammers used instead of sticks, tons of 80s style riffs that melt your brain (proto black/death/thrash) and a very captivating voice that not only spits fire and sulphur but also screams high in an old Araya way of doing so.

The temple has been opened. The perversions have been unleashed. Be prepared for the ultimate madness. More than convincing retro Black Metal from the Swiss soils. Highly recommended. (DPF)