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Selvageria – Selvageria [Re-Release]

selvageria – selvageria [re-release]


That Brazilians can Thrash, of course, we have known for several decades. Usually, however, this is in combination with Death Metal or Black Metal, but the foursome that was part of Selvageria at the time of recording this self-titled album audibly took Thrash in a different direction. Originally released in 2009 via Dark Sun Records and seeing its first CD reissue in 2016, this album now sees its first vinyl release via Sweden’s I Hate Records. And that’s certainly good news for old-school Speed/Thrash Metal fans.

Selvageria do have distinct Old School European Thrash Metal sound, and, to be more exact, a Eastern European sort of sound. This is also fuelled a bit by the use of their mother tongue instead of standard English. Something Eastern European metal bands often did, especially in the 80’s. Perhaps not very coincidentally, this is also a scene I Hate Records regularly dives into to dig up some forgotten albums and give them a second life.

This album may be relatively new, but it certainly feels like something recorded at least two more decades earlier. The thick Heavy Metal-laced riffs are keenly angular and deliver a lacklustre piece of Thrash Metal that fits perfectly with a growing underground movement in Brazil. Actually, just as fitting for the genre’s previous revival around the mid-00’s, with bands like Violator and Farscape leading the way. While Selvageria certainly invokes more Classic Metal elements, a little look back at the previous proponents of Brazilian “True” Thrash Metal is certainly useful to put it all in context.

However, are you not averse to a bit of Helstar, Abattoir, Savage Grace, Agent Steel or Hallows Eve in your portion of Thrash Metal and don’t shy away from a nicely placed falsetto outburst either? Then you might just get your Old School Thrash Metal fix with this album.


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