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Paganizer – Cadaver Casket (On a Gurney to Hell) (12”)

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Another Paganizer release? Why not?!? This was an exclusive CD release for subscribers of Sweden’s Close-Up magazine only, at first. Cyclone Empire decided to release it as a 12” MLP with one extra bonus track (“Deranged World”), limited to 200 black and 300 golden vinyl copies for everyone who consider him- or herself as a hardcore Old School Swedish Death Metal fan. These 6 tracks beholds the return of old drummer Matte Fiebig, the 20-years of existence of Paganizer as a deadly combo and Rogga himself states these songs are the best Paganizer-tunes in years. If there was a “World Lobotomy vs. Cadaver Casket”-contest, I would choose this release so Rogga could be right with his statement. The tracks are energetic, grinding and pounding, there are good riffs and the same can be said about the leads, which are fitting in just fine (listen to “Rot” and “Souls for Sale”). Paganizer at his best! (Ricardo)