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Night Gaunt – The Room

night gaunt – the room

2018’s “The Room” reminded me a great deal of music created by the bands Armored Saint and Queensryche. The overall nature of the album is somewhat Gothic with a great deal of classic heavy metal influence. The title track immediately sets the overall mood while you listen to it. It’s dark and haunting as well as melodic.

The pace remains slower, but it’s not a problem. The songs are well-written and performed with skill by the band. If you like semi-operatic vocals then you will truly appreciate the music as much as I do. It’s nice to discover that the classic metal sound hasn’t died out altogether; if you were a teenager during the 1980s you’ll understand exactly what I mean. In this case, that classic metal sound is blended with elements of Doom Metal that make it even better.

If I had to pick one favorite track it would be “Labyrinth.” It’s doom-filled from the very beginning with some seriously excellent guitar riffs that establish a heavy atmosphere quite effectively. The vocal delivery is nearly a chant, making it seem as if you’re listening to a narrator as he struggles with things beyond his control. There’s a great contrast between the melodic music and the atonal-sounding vocals that just works on all levels. An interesting switch about halfway through the track that makes it even better as the pace picks up considerably before it resumes that dark, gloomy pace. Overall, excellent song from a great album. (LouiseB)