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Nadsvest – Kolo ognja i železa [EP]

nadsvest – kolo ognja i železa [ep]

Nadsvest are a two piece band or project from Belgrade, Serbia, featuring two seasoned musicians, Atterigner and Krigeist, who are also active in a variety of other bands such as  Barshasketh,  Gorgoroth, Triumfall,…

This “Kolo ognja i železa” 4-track EP, released on CD by Under the Sign of Garazel Productions, is their first output. Four tracks of extremely heavy, pagan Serbian folkish / folkloristic orthodox / traditional Black Metal with the usual shrieking maniacal vociferations in their native serpent tongue and accompanied by an equally thunderous preaching voice are being poured over the unexpected listener. All tracks are delivered at high velocity with the necessary breathing points which are usually also heavier in musical texture.

This EP is indeed heavily inspired by the second wave of raw and majestic Black Metal bands from the glorious past, complete with barbaric blasphemous vocals, swelling haunting keyboards, sampled choirs, perfect tremolo-picked guitar riffs and fills and the obligatory blast beat / cannon fire drumming.

The perfect production of this EP guarantees a balanced, coherent and ground shaking sound. A superb melting pot of heathen influences and glorious old school demonic Black Metal. The advanced recording facilities of today deliver a sound that is way better than in the early 1990-ies, of course.

Influences? How about Bathory, old Immortal, Emperor, Gorgoroth, Kampfar, Windir, Horna,…You only have to listen to it to get entangled in its lustre.

A real shame this is only a 4-track EP because Nadsvest create a craving for more with this type of Black Metal frenzy. Listen to their music on their Bandcamp site and feel free to purchase a copy. You won’t be disappointed. Satisfaction guaranteed! (LV)