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Lebenssucht – -273​,​15°C

lebenssucht – -273​,​15°c

A like minded gathering from the realms of Germany, Austria and Belgium. The end result? Chaos driven Black Metal band Lebenssucht, A zest for life which I imagine is a tongue in cheek moniker judging by this debut albums artwork, and as you shall read, from the carnage still to come. Released back in 2020 through Thanatoskult, ‘-273​,​15°C’ is pure and simply put, a monster of an album. I’d liken the bands sound to the musical equivalent of when a nuclear bomb explodes and and all of the air is sucked up into the atmosphere, whilst at the same time horrific nuclear winds rush outwards in a barrage of devastation. That is Lebenssucht, a remorseless unstoppable force of  evil, of belligerent hatred and of primal terror.

Opening track ‘Trauerweide’ epitomises the ethos of Lebenssucht. A multi-paced abomination comprising anguished/hysterical/tortured vocals, surging riffs but with sly, devious blackened melodies hidden with the gloom and a crushing display of percussion that shares its traits with that of Death Metal as much as it does Black Metal. It’s the song-writing of ‘A Hole in My Heart’ that is the most striking for me though, as the band will delve into a bleak, ambient interlude before rising again at the other side in a crushing wall of noise, a crescendo of monolithic proportions. This is a song where the horrific aspects of the bands sound are taken away for the most part, I imagine due to this being a memorial track of sorts, and as a result this is the band at their most progressive and in a stark, mournful way, their most beautiful also. Barbarity resumes soon afterwards!

I have no clue what the album title refers too. I have googled it but can find nothing so I apologise. However, I can tell you about what the album is with one word. Maniacal. Inherent in the very fibres of this band and their sound is horror. Not cheesy 80’s film horror, but human horror, mankind made nightmarish horror on an epic scale. Lebenssucht have tapped into this vein of misery and bled it dry to produce a truly blistering, sociopathic and savage debut album. (Luke Hayhurst)