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Execration – Morbid Dimensions

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Execration (Cato Syversrud – drums, Christian Johansen – guitar, vocals, Jørgen Maristuen – guitar, vocals) from Oslo, Norway are the latest band to come crashing through my headphones. Formed in 2005, their latest chunk of genre-bending work Morbid Dimensions was released in 2014 and is available now on Duplicate Records in Europe, and Hell’s Headbangers Distro in the United States. These guys are packing some serious talent, coupled with very unique songwriting efforts manifesting in multiple time changes, dirgy, Sabbath-like excursions, hard driving, pounding snare grooves, as well as some unexpected and truly spooky sounding clean guitar interludes. There is a wide array of riffs to be found here, from your typical tremolo-picked black metal riffs, simple open power chord progressions, eerie, clean guitar lines, dissonant arppegiated chord shapes, and even strange, harmonized legato riffs. Forget about the pretty melodies, there are none to be had. Guitar tone is simple and raw, and that goes for the drums as well, which sound earthy and real, as though you’re in a room listening to an actual human being playing an acoustic drum kit. The bass guitar work (and tone) is excellent, and particularly shines on the track “Tribulation Shackles” – in fact, it’s a standout track on the album, with its layered, dissonant guitar work and steam roller pace. And the vocal work here is superb as well, with Jørgen Maristuen being genetically gifted with a ferocious set of pipes. He puts them to good use and to great effect, unleashing and endless stream of powerful, raspy, low/mid-range screams. Musicianship is top notch, and there’s no doubt these guys know how to play. “Funeral Procession” is my favorite track, sounding very much like its title, with some incredibly dark and atmospheric riffing broken up with straight forward but memorable guitar lines. Morbid Dimensions is a stellar album, and is sure to become a classic in the hearts of fans of atmospheric, blackened death metal.(D.L. Beaven)


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