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Dödsrit – Mortal Coil

dödsrit – mortal coil

Even though the Swedish project Dödsrit was only founded in 2017, it has already come a long way. What once started as a one-man ensemble fusing noisy D-beat and crust with occasional atmospheric breaks has now grown into a proper band with an international reputation, where atmospheric Black Metal has taken over. Thus, like its predecessor “Spirit Crusher”, the recently released third work “Mortal Coil” again greets from the very top of the charts of the subgenre.

“Mortal Coil” is not only incredibly dynamic during its 36-minute playing time, but also melodic and atmospheric, in other words: very musical for Black Metal. Too musical for standard noise – and rightly so. Already the opener “The Third Door” impresses with fantastic harmonies as well as clever tempo and mood changes that go far beyond the usual horizon. But at the latest when the following “Shallow Graves” is joined by various Gothenburg melodic Death Metal reminiscences or the title track comes up with striking post-rock melodies, you realise how far Dödrit’s songwriting has already developed.

What could divide opinions is the very modern sound, which was adopted by Alexander Backlund (mixing) and Jack Shirley (mastering). The very powerful, voluminous drum sound and the solidly roasting guitars might not please everyone.

Nevertheless, “Mortal Coil” is a great album that doesn’t let that inhibit it, especially since that’s a very subjective criterion anyway. If you can make friends with it, you will hear one of the most impressive and artistically high-quality atmospheric Black Metal albums that the genre currently has to offer. (HaCeBo)