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Ceremonial Crypt Desecration – Unholy Black Metal Against The Modern World

ceremonial crypt desecration – unholy black metal against the modern world


This Australian one-man Black Metal band has been featured on our VM-Underground pages a couple of times, it well seems this album will be the last one ever to grace the pages of our zine. Not because we don’t want to hear it anymore, but simply because Krigsgaldr seem to have carried his brainchild to the grave with this last album. The band’s legacy, however, is being kept in its very impressive discography, with this latest album being the final capstone; an album whose title is a more than obvious indictment of modern life, something the band has agitated against throughout its entire existence.

The term of ‘Unholy Black Metal’ is something that we have heard many times before, often it points to uncompromising Black Metal from the Norwegian segment. Though Australia can not be suspected to look very much like Norway, the Black Metal of Ceremonial Crypt Desecration has a distinct (old) European sound. Sharp in tone and fierce in character, together blending into some intense but very little dynamic Black Metal. Completely riff-driven and full of anger and hatred, a violent equilibrium that makes the music fit so seamlessly to the album’s title. In his “farewell speech”, Krigsgaldr wrote about these recordings, calling them:

…the deepest emanation of all my hatred for mankind, my hatred of all of God’s creation, my hatred of you. Dedicated to none, fuck off and die!”

That leaves very little to the imagination, I would say. But while this total life contempt oozes from the razor-sharp riffs and the hate sermons are not off the hook, Krigsgaldr is quite capable of making a good impression musically as well – even on this swan song.

Musical inspiration may be found with early European Black Metal bands, but these days this style of Black Metal is mostly practised in South America. Not surprisingly, Ceremonial Crypt Desecration also shared a piece of vinyl with Wampyric Rites, a band closest to this Australian act in sound, overall feel and musical aesthetic. If you have enjoyed Krigsgaldr’s previous releases, there is very little chance to be let down by this latest piece of work. And, if you happen to be late to the party and this is the first time hearing about the band but have a weak spot for no-nonsense Unholy Black Metal, feel free to hop on anyway, it is definitely worth the try.