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Usurpress – Ordained

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If you are into death metal then most probably you’ve heard the name of Daniel Ekeroth and know his excellent book “Swedish Death Metal”. Usurpress from Uppsala,Sweden is the band where Daniel is playing bass together with Calle Andersson (drums),Pahl Sandstrom (guitars) and Stefan Petterson (x-member of Embalmed and Sportlov) on vocals. “Ordained” is their second full-length album after several split recordings,one EP and the debut CD “Trenches of the Netherworld” from 2012. With names like these in the line-up,you can expect nothing more than a first class oldschool Swedish death metal. There are neck-breaking,fast tracks like “The Heart of the Last Kingdom”,”Storming the Mausoleum” and “Deny Salvation (Wolf-like Dogs)”. Some Dissection-like black metal passages may be found on “Insignia of Illumination” while a classic Swedish crust/d-beat is present in “Ritual Warfare” and “The Eyeless Spectator”. The lovers of slow music will surely enjoy the doomy “Fan the Flames of Madness” and the strange bluesy instrumental “Lothlorien” which happens to be a cover version of Bo Hansson,who is a Swedish prog-rock musician. The production is on a very good level and reminds of the sound of classic Swedish Sunlight Studio bands. So what’s more to wish for ? If oldschool death metal made in Sweden happens to be your thing,then stop wasting your time,get this album and bang your head! (Zvetan)