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Anal Vomit – Into The Eternal Agony [Demo / Re-Release]

anal vomit – into the eternal agony [demo / re-release]


It was about 17 years ago when I reviewed Anal Vomit’s ‘Demonic Flagellations’ (From Beyond Productions) for VM-Underground’s predecessor and also conducted an interview with the band about these early steps. One of these early steps was the bands’ ‘Into The Eternal Agony’-demo tape that gets its first CD release since its initial release in 1997. In the past years it has seen four different cassette tape reissues and a vinyl edition through Dunkelheit Produktionen.

While non of Anal Vomit’s releases sound like your next Watain album, this demo sounds even a little rawer. Musically it is not all that different from the other early Anal Vomit releases, it mixes that much beloved unpolished South American style of Blackened Death/Thrash. A style that many of you will mostly know for the early work of Sarcófago and Sepultura, but maybe bands like Vulcano, Sexthrash and even early Krisiun have found their influence to the music of Anal Vomit. The raw sound fits to these tracks as they are also a bit more primitive than the post-album songs, fast riffs, lots of screaming a-musical solo’s and raw barking vocals. The recording quality is not the best or might also be that the music is directly taken from the original tape, because the volume differs and sometimes the music gets smothered. But that also adds to the underground feeling and doesn’t bother me that much. The original five deom-tracks, including one Hadez-cover, are extended with four rehearsal tracks which also appears on the original demo. These versions do have an even murkier and darker sound but doesn’t add too much compared to the originals.

Of course this is no award-winning metal, but its undeniable charm is still working. Needless to say, very little subtlety, if any, can be found in these early tunes of this Peruvian cult band.