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Xasthur – The Funeral of Being

xasthur – the funeral of being


“Xasthur want you to kill yourself” I know more bands have quotes like these, but was it a tickly feeling of a rope around my neck while listening to this horrifying slab of vinyl?
So Malefic’s words hold a certain piece of truth and conviction, be it in a figure of speech. This is allready his 3rd full length and is composed and recorded through different time periods. It’s a well crafted gatefold Double LP, limited to 666 copies with nicely thick covers and slightly different artwork than the cd. Most important is that the lp version has two extra tracks in the form of a reworked song from the past and an excellent cover of Forgotten Woods.

So what is noticable at first is the difference in production of the various songs, but that does not affect the pleasure of listening to this lp. Second is that there is no real change with this release, other than that Malefic succeeds in making every new full length even more harsh, darker and depressed. The screams always lurk in the back, ready to creep forward to bring horror. The rest of the instruments are blurred and distorted as always and make the compositions droning, pulsating but very deadlike. What attracts a normal being to listen to this “music”? It’s so much more than just music, Malefic is a master of creating a choking atmosphere, that will haunt you and torture your innerself like staring in the abbyss only to find your ugliest self reflections at the bottom. Still, does that sound attracting? For some not, but once your pulled in this fascinating soundscape it kind of feels comfortable, strangely as it sounds. So be invited to this realtime nightmare, find a dark place, put the sharp needle on the record and drift into oblivion untill the last notes will blow the candle. Excellent depressing black metal!

I look forward to the limited vinyl release of “Telepathic with the Deceased” and a coming vinyl split with Leviathan (USA). Both to be released this summer and guaranteed to make it a bleak one. (JeffreyVDK)