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Anal Vomit – “…Explicit Satanism is our mandatory”

anal vomit – “…explicit satanism is our mandatory”


Lately From Beyond Productions spawned a whole lot of old school metal records, such as Nocturnal, Utuk-Xul, Cianade and Anal Vomit. I took the opportunity to ask Anal Vomit’s guitarist Noizer a few questions concerning the band, the new album and the – at least in my eyes – impressive scene. I think that due to the language barrier the answers came out a little short, but its all about the message Noizer brings us. Satanism… Enjoy…

Hey, all ok? Here’s the promised interview, so let’s go…
Hails mutant bangers from hell!!

First of all I’d like to know how the reactions have been on the album, the reviews I read so far were really good and people actually liked the old school feeling in the album. Just some said that it sounded outdated…
Yeah Anal Vomit is totally old school, a real mixture between Brazilian and south American bands and American legendary bands. The reviews are insane, we are totally satisfied with all this. Thanx a lot apocalyptic warriors for the support.

The thing that caught my attention first was the artwork, these things were commonly done at the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties. Its really good to see that there are still bands like Anal Vomit who are doing this stuff. Who is this artist and was it your concept?
The morbid artist is Juanjo Castellano from Spain, a real bestial and lustful cover art, the concept is made by both of us, with our putrid minds we completed all.

As for the music, to me it is one of the best odes to the old school metal, from times that the borders between thrash, death and black metal were really non-existent. What was for you the reason to get this kind of music back on the metal map?
That is basically our style which established years ago already, that’s our essence, a natural form, the compositions in general have the same structure.

This is also the music that Latin-America is famous of, bands like Sarcófago, Holocaust and (very early) Sepultura began this kind of music in the early eighties. Now there are loads of bands playing this kind of music, bands that are mostly known for this kind of old school metal. What do you think is the reason that this genre is so popular on your continent?
Popular? In the eighties all got lost, I would say it is poor now, in these times the metal music produced are clones of clones. The true and real music from South America is only to be found in some bands and I think that Anal Vomit represents this side on south American terror.

How would you describe the Peruvian scene? Slowly but surely the bands from your country are getting better known. These times you have bands like Goatsemen, Mortem, M.A.S.S.A.C.R.E. to name a few. Also a few active underground supporting labels like Austral Holocaust are doing good jobs in my opinion…
Yeah, Austral Holocaust supports to the Peruvian and bestial bands from this side. Peru has got some great bands like: Goat Semen, Hadez, Mortem, Levifer, Saram, Belzec, Epilepsia, Evil Damn, etc etc.

Some of you are also in other bands like you in Saram and Destructor in Sarcoma, can you shortly introduce these bands to our readers? Are the other Anal Vomit members in other bands too? And, isn’t it difficult to combine all these bands together?
DESTRUCTOR: I only supported Sarcoma in the year 1997, nothing more.

And I play with Saram indeed, I joined Erick Neyra who does the vomits. Our demo “Metal Mayhem Genocide” is a real piece of savage death black thrash metal assault.

Anal Vomit has been quite a productive band in the past, especially the last few years. What do you see as the main difference between the earliest demos (from 1993/1994) and this last album “Demoniac Flagellations”?
You think so? More work, more union in the band, but the feeling is the same, comrade. Maybe the sound on the recording studio is 666% better.

What releases can we expect in the (near) future?
More CDs, more plagues of death. Anal vomit rules forever!!

How did you get in contact with the Dutch From Beyond Productions label? And why do you think they were interested in signing you for this album?
Erick Neyra from Goat Semen told me that Roman was interested in releasing our CD, and so we contacted him as soon as possible. All is going excellent!

The intro and outro of the album are taken from one of the best horror movies ever, Evil Dead, so presume (horror) movies are a pretty important influence for you? And Satanism and/or anti religious beliefs too?
Yes, for me “Evil Dead” is a great influence, we are following with more parts in the future. All the dark, malevolence, explicit Satanism is our mandatory.

In the booklet of the new album I’ve seen many names mentioned that played bass, guitar solos and who did vocals. Therefore it is really difficult to see what the actual line-up is. The booklet says its just three, the picture shows four guys. What is going on here?
The album was made late 2002 and in the beginning of 2003. The line up was with thee member, like the cover shows. The invited musician was an old friend of us (Omar Suarez) who already supported Anal Vomit in the last demos. Only for some solos and noise we asked Foyd Rose to do so. Ah, and Erick Neyra helped us out on backing vocals, only for screams and sentence of death. And the picture who is in our biography shows the current line-up with Nihil Soldier. We are actually tour apocalyptic penetrators of virgins and bitches.

On the vinyl version of the album there is a bonus track included in the form of a Sepultura cover, what made you choose for this song and band?
Sepultura is our real influence, the first era with this masters was big. “Bestial Devastation”, “Morbid Visions” and “Schizophrenia” kick ass.

Ok, these were my questions for now. If you have anything to add or say, go ahead these last words are yours!
Thanx bro’ for this support and trust in our band.