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Tormented – Death Awaits

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Yesindeedio, I enjoyed the previous recording, the “Graveyard Lust” EP, a lot. Without the urge of being lazy, I could have easily copy and paste that review for their second full length. Improvement as musicians so they are able to create something innovative and progressive? Maybe, but I ‘m glad that they are not showing it on a Tormented disc. Creating high quality Old School Swedish Death Metal? Hell yeah! The stench is coming at ya after the first riff of the track “Death Awaits” which is evolving in a more midtempo groovy track towards the end. Same goes with the Autopsy minded “To Spill her Blood”. 6 Minutes of mid tempo riffs which aren’t spectacular, but very effective. Also the lyrics are made for the category “screamin’ along with your colleagues at work”, I mean…”All I want is…To tear your flesh…to eat your skin…to lick your bones!” is created for a growling cleaning lady. Tormented is not betting on one horse as “Blood Orgy” is a fast one and lasting for only 2 and a half minutes. Funny is the homage towards Slayer’s masterpiece “Chemical Warfare” in the track “Funeral Fire”. The vocal line and main riff during the chorus are unmistakably 95% the same. But I can’t say it annoys me for one second. “Death Awaits” turned out to be a very good album for any Old School Death Metal fan out there who like their sickened choice of music authentic and crunchy. (Ricardo)