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Putrified – Neurotic Necrotic

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A. Death of one man band Putrified from Sweden is responsible for the demo with the title “The Return of Swedish Old School Death Metal” back in 2010. With such title I’m all ears and expected to be blown away, but unfortunately I wasn’t quite convinced with the demo and the debut full length (“Spawn of the Dead”) as the vocals were a bit, let’s say off target with his growl. On the demo it has a reverb, which gives it a “playing the record backwards”-feeling while on the debut A. Death makes me believe he is exaggerating to much while growling into the microphone. It’s a bit over the top, almost barking words if you will. Besides that the songs were a bit too simplistic like “Zombie Priest”. With “Neurotic Necrotic” A. Death tries me to convince me for the third time (not counting the “Whorehouse Tales” EP with covers of Celtic Frost and Misfits). But also this third opportunity doesn’t go into my book of “Old School SweDeath Metal releases: you have to hear these before you die or starting to enjoy Job for a Cowboy” as the sound has been degraded to Demo-category and once again there is a kind of reverb on the vocals. The guitar sound is more muddy than fuzzy and the songs in general lack aggression and interesting riffs. As you can read, not everything with the label “Old School SweDeath Metal” can get my approval. Although in general primitive riffs and ditto sound can still give me the shivers, only not when the Putrified logo is printed on it. (Ricardo)