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Gravecrusher – Mutilation Ritual [Demo]

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Hell yeah! “A nice piano intro would be utter bollocks…we play fuckin’ skull crushing Death Metal!”. Something like this could have happened if a friend of the bandmembers would suggest a mellow intro as opening. No, these zombie addicts want to get to business right away with some putrid Old School Death Metal. With a heavy Swedish buzzsaw sound Hungarian Gravecrusher doesn’t even bother to hide their influences. This 3-track demo, released on tape, is all about the sound and hymns like good old Grave (groove), Excruciate (faster riffs) and Demonical’s first two albums (concerning the more audible modern sound). Add some Gorefest (Mindloss-era) riffs as well and you have a fuckin’ skull crushing Death Metal demo! And I have to say the Crematory (the Swedish one ofcourse) influenced logo and artwork, both made by Mark Riddick, are the icing on the cake. (Ricardo)