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Grá – Väsen

grá – väsen

Well produced, mid-90ies-inspired Black Metal from Sweden. The warm guitar tone really accentuates the catchy-thrash breakdowns, which nicely break up classic-90ies-Mayhem/Emperor-styled verses: hypnotic arrangements of 16th notes, darkened with slow moving chord progressions. Songs are extremely well written with smooth transitions and comfortable dynamics…the battery is tight with appropriate speed for the songwriting…this album groves. The bass tone is amazing and the playing deserved this Cynic-like-sound. The vocals sometimes remind me of Emperor meets Keep of Kalessin, but, there’s some tastefully, experimental flurries from time to time. This is a modern album with well-proportioned-touches of unique synth sounds (maybe like 20% of the album)…damn…this album grooves… (Orpheus)