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Svederna – Svedjeland

svederna – svedjeland

Developing and changing are the two characteristics that can sum up the second full length of the Swedish band Svederna. It is Black Metal which is quite melodic, but not from the gothic or symphonic side, but that the compositions transports you to frozen and desolate forests. Yes, if you’re thinking about Storm or Isengard you’re right, but only in spirit. Svederna is not limited to that, and that is where his eclectic side comes to light. Svederna walks very comfortably between Black Metal (with folk tints by parts), Heavy Metal and even some other corrosive styles. All this could make us imagine Svederna as a band with a light sound, but it is the opposite. They are visceral, extreme, of an aggressive sound that attacks you. They range from the open guitar touch, typical of this type of Black Metal, to palm mutting of Heavy Metal technique, causing them to intermingle without you noticing. Nothing complacent, very direct! A separate topic is the vocalist. His vocal range ranges from clean vociferations to the most overwhelming voice, torn and without filters. A remarkable passage is the long vocal line without respite in the track “Do I Tid”. Keeping the voice without stopping for so long (remember Deicide’s “Revocate the Agitator”) is a prodigy. Prior to the closing of the song, which is one of the most relevant, desperate screams close with a lot of histrionics. An album that captures and keeps you attentive at all times. Once you give play to the disc you do not stop and the headbanging becomes a law, even in the dramatic parts. (Mario)