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Arvalastra – The Key to the Shrine of Putrefaction

arvalastra – the key to the shrine of putrefaction

From the dominant lands of Bilbao, Euskal Herria, and part of the Ignis Fatuus Collective, Arvalastra brings forth its latest ritual, “The Key to the Shrine of Putrefaction”.

The young musician, born Arkaitz Fernández – but known as Dusk – 27 years ago, once again declares his dedication to the darker side of Men’s existence. Hailing from the gloomy region of Euskal Herria, high with might and undefeated, his peculiar approach to Black Metal has given wings to his name. the usage of bass, be it electric or acoustic, has granted his sound of a more “demonic sound”. Ambiences and cryptic melodies are drawn with smoke; incense’s aroma surrounds us and leads into a otherworldly state, where we are bound to find no close door, only gateways to enlightement.

Music… the melody leads the rebirth of the dead. Bass-driven, massive drums and ghoulish vocals, that is Arvalastra in a nutshell. One-dimensional? Straight to the point, I reckon. Slow, yet envolving the listener; doomish and thick; I feel that the vocals are there just to support the instruments, rather than guiding them. It can be a bit tiring, at times, given the weight of the music, it can crawl into your skin, and sink its teeth, deep in your flesh, becoming painful.

In conclusion: one of those records you need to be in a very specil mindset to be able to enjoy, a record that demands attention. (DanielP)