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Ad Vitam Infernal – Infernal Comedy

ad vitam infernal – infernal comedy

This is the debut album from this band from France Ad Vitam Infernal. They are active since a couple of years and dedicated to a type of Black/Death with clear old school references.

“Infernal Comedy” contains 8 tracks which take motivation from the old classic Metal scene like Morbid Angel, Immolation and Deicide. Exceptionally quick riffs and pounding drumming ensure the listener’s headbanging. Honest work without creating anything new, but that’s not necessary. Songs like “Abject” are fascinating. The Dante’s Inferno references are well placed.

The tracks appear to be no different either way at first tuning in, however when we get into their more secret side through this “Infernal Comedy”, they are completely valued, spinning many times. “Hell Hunger” and “No Sides” take us directly to hell. The excursion in “To Cross the Rivers” puts on us a horrible misery, yet nearly with a strange tune, we are calmed to take our spirit across the waterway. “Insane Prayer”, eighth and last song, shuts this album without notoriety and without acclaim.

Great job. (HaCeBo)