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Vingulmork – Avgrunn [EP]

vingulmork – avgrunn [ep]

For those of you that love black metal with traces of thrash combined with hints of Viking inspired melodies, this 4 track EP “Avgrunn” by Norway’s 4-piece Vingulmork should just about hit the spot. It has all the major components that are prerequisites for burning down your local church including pure aggression, brutality and melodic atmosphere combined with a fast and raw onslaught of viciousness and energy. I don’t usually write about every track but because there’s only 4 tracks here, I’ll try and give you more of a detailed rundown.

“Ytterst” starts off our blackened journey and is a perfect lead in track which gives more than a glimpse of the immorality that is about to be unleashed. Although it starts off slow, it builds and develops until your hit with a fierceness and intensity that shakes you out of your comfort zone.

Next up “Eternally Swallow, Eternally Keep” hustles along with the pace being driven by some of the most obscene and unbelievably fast paced drumming that I’ve ever heard. No, I mean it, kudos to the drummer cause holy shit that man is so good.

“Land of Nothing” provides all that is good about this EP. Driving and powerful riffs, more unbelievably express paced drumming and black shrieking vocals that, if they were a war cry, thyne enemies would be smote and hewed with all the delicacy of a Viking broad axe.

“Doerderlein” ends our black Norwegian pilgrimage and although there’s a lighter ambience, there’s still a percussive and melodic onslaught combined with some ultra-amazing guitar work and hell raising screeching vocals.

It’s a shame that there’s only 4 tracks to this EP however these are 4 tracks of pure filth combined with marvellous musicianship from all the members of the band and hey, more often that not its more beneficial to do a lot with a little than try and fill 10 tracks with pure shite and filler. (Longstretch)