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Midnight Necrotomb – Before Coffins, Hells and Nightmares [EP]

midnight necrotomb – before coffins, hells and nightmares [ep]

Brazilian based artist, José Ricardo Magalhães, aka Terror Holocausto, branches out to form Midnight Necrotomb from his other current project, Carrasco. Debut release “Before Coffins, Hells, and Nightmares” EP derives inspiration from earlier eras of Brazil & North American based Thrash, Death, Speed Metal acts. As contributing guest you have drummer Yuri Hamayano, active in Death Metal/ Grindcore band Deformity add more richness to this release as well as the raw, natural quality that Terror Holocausto produced, mixed, mastered himself, resonating crude and rustic tunes.

Cover art created by Marcelo Necrolust, has an almost layered 3D quality to it, similar to a suncatcher outline, which sounds elementary but the closest example to come up with. A disconcerting yet illuminating smokey hue with cemetery, revealing coffins with corpses, along with demonic creatures & goats adding to its infernal charm.

Under twelve minutes between four tracks presented, “Intro” has an eerie recording of marching followed by an air raid siren then, with a riff reminiscent to Black Sabbath’s self titled album, soulless, gravelly inflection that’s low enough to tremble and resurrect the dead. Longest “Invocation of Deathcross” has an unearthly ambient audio sample, hear more reverb in vocals, and plenty of speed metal type riffs in the vein of “Morbid Visions” Sepultura and Slayer. Delivery had primitive tone but those drums catch your attention and remind me of Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel era), very old school feel to it all. “There Was No Mercy” has catchy riffs and a serial killer vibe to its name, a hostile feeling with those hammering drums. “The Midnight Necrohunter”, had to google, it’s a knight “attack” character for RAID: Shadow Legends, yet lyrically is a Jack The Ripper type of fella: “The midnight necrohunter. A prostitute, he will annihilate. An invitation to pleasure. She didn’t resist. The hell she will suffer.” (Tori Belle)