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Mäleficentt – Night of the Spectral Vision [Demo]

mäleficentt – night of the spectral vision [demo]

If raw yet atmospheric Black Metal with melody, a bleak sound and high toned howls is your thing and you don’t mind to hear it from a cassette, Mäleficentt is definitely something you have to check out.

This one man project by Y. E. (known for other projects like Ixachitlan, Metztli, Viento, Yohualli and seems to have played live with Maquahuitl) is all about up-tempo recurring riffs, an austere atmosphere and torturing howls with hints of Drowning the Light.

It is not like it hasn’t been done before, but the 2 tracks on this demo “In My Dreams.. Part I & Part II” are done right in a way that every musical element, be it the riffs, the atmosphere or the vocals, blended well together. A nice demo for sure! (Ricardo)