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Jonefago – Mighty Royal Blood

jonefago – mighty royal blood

Jonefago hail from Finland and this is their first release. Not sure if this will continue or it was just a one release project but this tape definitely hit the spot for me.

The whole thing is around 16 minutes long and once the intro is over Jonefago unleash a merciless onslaught in the vein of early Clandestine Blaze or even Darkthrone for that matter. The release is packed with action. One good riff after the other, great drumming and I have to highlight the vocals,which i find really great, sounds like the howls of a drunk monster who simply doesn’t give a fuck.

The scene is flooded with real rubbish,countless worthless efforts are pressed on vinyl or CD and so for me Jonefago is a real revelation in this ocean of proper shit music that gets released these days. It really reminds me of the bloodline of the kings of Black Metal, bands from Poison to Hellhammer, Clandestine Blaze to Darkthrone and more.

All in all it’s a really good release, not too long, not a second of boredom, only real crushing metal at it’s best! Tape cover is also really cool, comes with a green pro tape which still can be found at some distros. Well done Jonefago! (Woodlum666)